Aim of This Project
Organic chemistry is a fundamental discipline deeply intertwined with a wide range of scientific domains, including the molecular, material, life, medical, environmental, and energy sciences. It has played—and continues to play—a vital role in driving the growth of key global industries, such as the pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, chemical, electronic/electrical, and auto industries, thereby supporting the development of our civilization and society.

Historically, the sciences founded on organic chemistry emerged in Europe and North America, where research institutions served as centers of excellence for leading the growth of those sciences. And, Asian countries, in their endeavor to catch up with Europe and North America, have helped to expand and enrich this scientific landscape. In recent years, the economies and scientific environments of Asia have rapidly grown in step with the increasing globalization of the chemical industry and the invigoration of economic exchange, particularly among Asian countries. At the same time, the organic chemistry industry is being called upon to increase its capacity to help tackle issues that demand a global response, including challenges relating to resources, energy, food, environment, and containment of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases.

The creation of a center of excellence in rapidly evolving Asia for nurturing tomorrow’s leaders in organic chemistry is an undertaking that supports the sustainable development of society in not only Asia, but across the entire world. This project aims to establish a world-class hub of organic chemistry research that will lead the creation of knowledge from Asia through research exchange programs for cultivating young Asian scientists who will lead the future. To accomplish this mission, the project will utilize the research exchange network developed under the Asian Core Program of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science to link research institutions in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, and will pursue partnerships with industry.