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About Supergeneralist Pharmacist

  A pharmacist is a specialist who has a wide knowledge of pharmaceuticals and skill in handling them; however a supergeneralist pharmacist is designated as one who has also obtained a high level of skill in advanced pharmaceutical analysis and clinical problem solving. Here, advanced analytical skill includes genomic analysis, metabolomics analysis, and the ability to evaluate the safety of medicines. For example, a supergeneralist pharmacist might use their high level of skill in advanced pharmaceutical analysis in team medical care as a specialist in medicines to actively participate in the pharmacotherapy and contribute to the promotion of safe, high-quality and trust-worthy medical treatment.


Background and Goal

  The "Educational Project to Train Supergeneralist Pharmacists" at the Tohoku University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences aims to produce pharmacists with a high level of skill in advanced pharmaceutical analysis and clinical problem solving, and is working to build a program to provide such training and education.
  Today, more and more people demand higher quality medical treatment and, at the same time, as the field of medicine is getting more advanced, and with its increasing complexity, the workload of doctors and health care providers has also increased. However, not a lot of pharmacists are able to work effectively in the medical scene. Therefore, educational institutions have to meet a strong need for developing a field in relation to individualized medicine and train people in it, and creating next generation pharmacists that can shoulder the advanced medical care of various patients. This project will utilize the educational resources built by Tohoku University to create a program of training and education for the supergeneralist pharmacists to meet such demands.


What to be expected

  This new pharmacist training and education course to be a supergeneralist pharmacist will produce individuals who are pharmaceutical specialists with high levels of advanced specialization in areas such as genomic analysis, metabolomics analysis, and pharmaceutical safety evaluation.
  We expect that such pharmacists will be able to promote high quality, safe and trust-worthy medical care by working together with various medical departments in the following ways: (1) Contributing to the improvement of patient satisfaction and the quality of health care by assisting in creating the most suitable prescription plans for a patient's pharmacotherapy based on their genetic and metabolic information (2) Helping to reduce the workload of doctors and improve the quality of pharmaceutical care by proactively participating in patients' pharmacotherapy (3) Participating in research to arbitrate innovative drug development or in regulatory science research.

Eligible Person

  In this course, we train students to be supergeneralist pharmacists who can proactively participate in the pharmacotherapy of team medical care as a pharmaceutical specialist, under an educational research structure that is in coordination with the diagnosis and treatment department of the Tohoku University hospital. Those interested in the program will enter the university as graduate students (either as general students or working students) of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences as PhD candidates (with a pharmaceutical based curriculum) in the "Supergeneralist Pharmacist Training Course". We expect that participants will work passionately at becoming a pharmaceutical researcher (pharmacist) with the high level of research ability needed to carry out the duties of a pharmacist, and engage in independent research activities.


  The construction of the educational and training program will be primarily carried out by the following fields.

Field Group Leader Lectures
Oncology Pharmacy Practice and Science Yoshihisa Tomioka Metabolome analysis
Pharmacist practice & sciences
Pharmacotherapy of Life-Style Related Diseases Noriyasu Hirasawa Genomic analysis
Safety assessment of medical product
Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics Hiroshi Sato Analysis of disease conditions Diagnosis
Clinical setting rotation
Synthetic Chemistry Yoshiharu Iwabuchi Pharmaco Chemistry
Pharmacy Education and Research Center Yuriko Murai Information on medicinal product

  There will be several instructors from the university hospital, the medical research department and
the pharmaceutical research department that will also help with the program, in addition to the people in
charge listed above.